Easter loan – a way to finance the holidays

On average, an average Polish family spends about PLN 400 on Easter. This is not a large sum, but for many home budgets it is significant, especially since the amount of holiday spending increases as the number of family members increases. Can you have a perfect Easter holiday if you have financial problems?

A loan on favorable terms is one way to finance them. Is the Easter loan a profitable solution? Where is it worth taking a small loan for Easter?


Easter loan – for what purposes do we spend money?

Easter loan - for what purposes do we spend money?

Regardless of whether the loan for Easter will be necessary or not, the list of expenses will remain rather unchanged. For these holidays, of course, the main emphasis is on the Easter feast. In most Polish homes, during Christmas, unique and more substantial meals will appear on the table, including cold cuts and egg-based dishes. During Christmas, if we consume alcohol, we more often decide on more expensive, branded drinks. Among traditional Easter recipes, sweets with a mazurka and Easter cake play a major role. The ingredients for their preparation are another expense. The alternative is of course ready cakes. A relatively new phenomenon, which is gaining popularity in Poland, is giving gifts. In 2016, this young custom became the share of around 40% of Poles. Especially for children who have already visited the Easter bunny once by handing a gift, it will be difficult to refuse a gift the following year. Gifts for loved ones may therefore be one of the reasons why a loan for Easter will be necessary.


Is a holiday loan a profitable solution?

holiday loan

With a limited budget, a loan for Easter does not have to be a necessity, but the alternative is to give up one of several planned expenses. When will a Christmas loan or loan be most profitable? For example, when financial problems are temporary. Being aware that the next month we can count on a surge of cash, it is not worth giving up a successful family holiday. However, if the dilemma concerns gifts given to children on the occasion of Christmas, you can approach the matter in a pragmatic way. The dream sweatshirt, shoes, book, which sooner or later you will have to provide your child, can simply become a gift given to Easter. The loan will be a good way to finance them, especially when gifts can be bought as part of the holiday promotional price.


Easter – a loan tailored to your needs

Where to look for extra cash for Easter? A loan tailored to just such needs is possible to take in The Duchess. In this way, we help thousands of Poles who face unexpected or higher, one-off expenses. To get a loan, just go to one of our branches or talk to a consultant by phone. Customers can also count on advice regarding the terms and amount of the loan.