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Loan and Credit Bank is perhaps best known for selling and buying travel currency, but they also have many different banking services such as payroll account, savings account, loan, visa card and more. At the time of writing, they have 81 offices in Sweden, 11 in Denmark, 13 in Finland and 13 in Norway.

The company has been a bank since 2003. In 1965, Rolf Friberg took over the currency office from SJ at the Central Station in Stockholm. An office that remains even today. They also own Western Union’s stores in the Nordic countries and the currency exchange office X-change.

Which loan brokers compare Loan and Credit Bank?

Which loan brokers compare Loan and Credit Bank?

Below you can find more info on loan brokers comparing Loan and Credit Bank loans to you. You can thus see which Loan and Credit Bank’s private loan is best for you by comparing them to over 20 other banks with only one credit report (UC) and one application.

All free of charge and with no requirement to borrow money. In the list above you see Good Finance and both of them compare their loans at the time of writing. Click on the links to see if they still do when you read it here.

There are several so-called loan brokers who compare their loans so we advise you to look in the Loan Brokers Wizard. There you can see, among other things, the range of loan intermediaries in Sweden and what they have for the rating and ratings of our visitors. You can also see which loan broker has used the most this week and then this year. We strive to build the best and largest loan broker guides with our visitors.

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